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Decorating a small bedroom to appear both spacious and beautiful can be a challenge, but with some clever styling, smart storage and palette refining, you can turn a teeny tiny space into a sought-after haven.

Build It In

If you require space for clothes, but don't have room for free-standing furniture, then consider installing a built-in wardrobe or dresser. Hiring a professional carpenter is probably the smartest (and easiest) way to go. You’ll end up with a professional look and have plenty of hidden storage room to enjoy.

Calming Colours

You immediately create the illusion of more space when you streamline your colour palette. When you use similar tones on walls, bedding and furnishings, it draws the eye to around the whole room, and immediately gives the appearances of more space. To add some personality, all you have to do is add a few contrasting pops of colour in here and there.

Lighten It Up

There is no doubt that good lighting makes a big impact on how a room feels. With a small space, soft lighting is your best friend. Soft light coming from different directions blurs the edges of the room and, giving it the illusion of depth and width.  If you use a soft frosted shade and lower wattage bulb, you’ll give your small bedroom a lovely calming atmosphere.

Take It Vertical

One thing you do have in a small bedroom is vertical space. Make the most of it, by moving things off the floor and up the wall. Floating shelves are fabulous for displaying books and ornaments. Small baskets and buckets hanging from mountable rods, are great for knick knacks. Plus, installing the occasional hook or two, is handy for hats and jackets.

Curtain Call

You can easily create the illusion of bigger room by hanging curtains higher than the window frame. Install rods close to the ceiling and hang long curtains that reach the floor. Also, if you hang a rod that is wider than your window frame, it will make the window appear larger. Then, just arrange the curtains so they only cover a small portion of the window frame and a large portion of the wall on either side.

Mirror Mirror

Mirrors are a great way to add depth to a small bedroom, because they act like extra windows. You can either hang one large mirror to open up the space, or try hanging several small mirrors in a cluster, for a unique and stylish effect.

Double Up

Eliminate the need for a bedside table and a study desk, by combing the two. Choose a small desk that works well as both and place it by the bed. It will act as an oversized nightstand, and when paired with a small chair, be a handy study space too. To add a touch of charm to your space, seek out a pre-loved vintage desk at your local furniture market.

Basket Case

Baskets complement virtually any decorating style, are very versatile and best of all, add a whole lot more storage to a teeny tiny bedroom. You’ll find a range of stylish baskets in all shapes and sizes at furniture and decorating stores, discount stores and hardware shops. Whether you stack them on shelves or pop one in the corner, they look great and give all those bits and pieces a tidy home.

Under The Bed

Another spot that you can take advantage of for extra space, is under the bed. There are many creative options for under-bed storage. Think, large baskets, plastic bins or even rolling drawers. They all create great extra storage for those items that you don’t need to access everyday. 

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