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Consistency in real estate

Consistency in real estate

If you want to be a successful real estate agent, consistency is one of the most important factors. Successful agents understand that consistency brings in leads and leads are what fuel growth. 

But keeping on track can be difficult in a fluctuating market, as being con-sistent means having the persistence, tenacity and drive to keep going, even when you aren’t at the top of your game. It’s easy to get distracted, procrastinate or discouraged because you’re not getting ‘instant results’.

However, by being more consistent in your attitude to prospecting, marketing and overall mindset, you can generate business. Here are 5 ways you can bring more consistency to your business. 

1. Find your focus

Focus and organisation are the foundations of consistency. Successful agents are super organised, have a structure for their daily, weekly and monthly workload and stick to it religiously. Don’t let open home callbacks, following up on leads or updating your database slide, as these are the building blocks you need to set in place for a strong business that will get results. Set long and short term goals so you can measure progress.

2. Be more reliable

Reliability and consistency go hand in hand. When dealing with people you need to be reliable so they trust you and refer you to friends and family. If you say you’re going to do something, do it. If you’re attending an ap-pointment, be there on time. Basic courtesy and good manners go a long way in the real estate business, but it’s the agents with fantastic people skills who get the referrals and repeat business.  

3. Keep your passion

Maintaining your passion and belief for what you do is imperative, you can’t really turn it on and off. An off day could lose you a sale. If you feel your passion flagging, remind yourself what you love about real estate. Is it helping people find their dream home? Do you love negotiating a great deal? Perhaps you like talking to lots of people? Remember, it’s important to take some me-time to recharge and rejuvenate your passion. 

4. Maintain your marketing

Building and managing your brand and agent profile is crucial in today’s real estate climate. You can’t sell a secret so your market place needs to know who you are. You need to be focused on communicating with you community, potential clients, buyers and sellers. Planning and scheduling is essential with a good mix of social, digital and print so perhaps use a marketing calendar to stay organised. Your digital footprint must up to date, post relevant and interesting information on social media (not just listings!), and regularly send email campaigns, newsletters, DL’s – a well-rounded mix across multiple mediums can be a great strategy. 

5. Keep up-to-date

Make a point to stay up-to-date with what’s happening in the local area, not just in real estate sales but with developments in housing, transport, schools, parks and amenities. Buyers want an agent with their finger on the pulse of the area they’re buying into. If you can consistently add value by educating and informing people, you’ll build their trust and start being known as the go-to agent for your area. 

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